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There is no sound flesh in us (0)

October 9, 2015 • Category: Benedictine Wisdom

We are as if we were not, likened to vanity and counted as nothing, supposing ourselves to be something when actually we are nothing. We enter this world wounded, walk here and then depart, wounded still. There is no sound flesh in us, from the sole of the foot to the top of the head. […]

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There is no sound flesh in us (0)

We are as if we were not, likened to vanity and counted as nothing, supposing ourselves to be something when actually we are nothing. We enter this world wounded, walk here and then depart, wounded still. There is no sound flesh in us, from the sole of the foot to the top of the head. […]


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The struggle (0)

I suppose one of my greatest struggles is to free myself from what others think or feel about me. This has been something that I have worked with from childhood and am not sure actually how much progress I have made in this matter. Like most people, I would like to be understood, my intentions […]


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What can we learn from St. Jerome? (0)

What can we learn from St Jerome? It seems to me, this above all; to love the Word of God in Sacred Scripture. St Jerome said: “Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. It is therefore important that every Christian live in contact and in personal dialogue with the Word of God given to […]


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Pope Francis: Praise For Dorothy Day And Thomas Merton (0)

NPR: He praised one as a man of prayer, the other for her “passion for justice.” But many Americans might need a reminder about two of the people Pope Francis discussed in Congress on Thursday: philosopher Thomas Merton and activist Dorothy Day. The two Catholics were mentioned alongside two other, more famous names: Abraham Lincoln […]


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Renouncing the World (0)

A brother renounced the world and gave his goods to the poor, but he kept back a little for his personal expenses. He went to see Abba Anthony. When he told him this, the old man said to him, ‘If you want to be a monk, go into the village, buy some meat, cover your […]


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Every Five Minutes a Christian is Martyred for Their Faith (0)

Breitbart News: Every five minutes a Christian is martyred for their faith, an organisation for persecuted Christians has claimed. According to Christian Freedom International, more than 200 million followers around the world currently face persecution, making Christians the most persecuted faith group on the planet. Christians currently face persecution in 105 of the world’s 196 countries […]



Bear in ourselves the fury of the world against Christ (0)

The great question then is how do we communicate with the modern world? If in fact communication has been reduced to pseudo-­communication, to the celebration of pseudo-events and the irate clashing of incompatible myth-systems, how are we to avoid falling into this predicament? How are we to avoid the common obsession with pseudo-events in order […]


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Six Great Mysteries of the Bible (Comments Off)

The Old Testament answers some of the greatest questions of all time—where did we come from? Why do we desire the good yet do evil? Why do our souls yearn for eternity while our bodies yield to death and decay? Yet, the Hebrew Scriptures leave so many other tantalizing questions unanswered. These mysteries have nagged […]


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Psalm 51(50): Have mercy on me, O God! (0)

1. For the fourth time during our reflections on the Liturgy of Lauds, we hear proclaimed Psalm 51[50], the famous Miserere. Indeed, it is presented anew to us on the Friday of every week, so that it may become an oasis of meditation in which we can discover the evil that lurks in the conscience and beg the Lord […]


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Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (0)

What is an archangel? The word “archangel” (Greek, archangelos) means “high-ranking angel”—the same way that “archbishop” means a high-ranking bishop. Only St. Michael is described as an archangel in Scripture (Jude 9), but it is common to honor St.s Gabriel and Raphael as archangels also. Why are they called “saints” if they’re angels rather than […]


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38 Supernatural Metabolism Boosters You Need to Try (0)

Use these metabolism boosters as a way to get a sluggish metabolism into gear, or to rev up an already healthy metabolism. If you’ve noticed that yours is a bit slow, it’s time to take action and not just write it off as bad luck or unfortunate genetics. Here are several ways to tip the […]



A sword has pierced your heart (0)

The martyrdom of the Virgin is set forth both in the prophecy of Simeon and in the actual story of our Lord’s passion. The holy old man said of the infant Jesus: He has been established as a sign which will be contradicted. He went on to say to Mary: And your own heart will […]



Belmont Abbey: Holy Week Schedule (Comments Off)

Sunday, March 29 — Palm Sunday 6:00 a.m. Vigil      7:00 a.m. Lauds      10:45 a.m. Mass      5:30 p.m. Vespers Monday, March 30 – Wednesday, April 1 6:00 a.m. Vigil      7:00 a.m. Lauds      11:45 a.m. Midday Prayer      5:00 p.m. Mass      7:00 p.m. Vespers […]


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How does one ‘prepare’? (0)

We see with all the wildfire and drought and extreme flooding that no matter where one lives, events can occur and literally “out of the blue” that cripple areas. What if the word “neighborhood” or “area” turned into “region”? There are certainly things that have happened in nature through the millennia that have caused effects […]



All is “Zero” (Comments Off)

All has become one, all has become indifferent, all has been leveled to equal meaninglessness…. It is not that all is “one” but all is “zero.” Everything adds up to zero. Indeed, even the state, in the end, is zero. Freedom is then to live and die for zero. Is that what I want: to […]


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Passing of St. Benedict (Comments Off)

24. It is not only the bygone ages that had reason to profit from the benefits of this Patriarch; our own age has many important lessons to learn from him. Let those first of all who belong to his numerous family learn – We do not doubt that they do – to follow daily ever […]


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25 Things You Should Know About the Rosary (0)

In honor of Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the most Holy Rosary, we have composed a very simple list of 25 things that we should know about the most Holy Rosary. Hopefully upon reading this short list you will be motivated to get to know the Rosary better. Better yet we hope that […]