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Rosary Advice from Louis de Montfort (part 2) (0)

May 2, 2016 • Category: Marian, Methods of Praying

(continued from yesterday) With Attention (Forty-Second Rose) When praying the rosary it is important to concentrate on the prayers being prayed and the mystery being contemplated. As De Montfort wittingly notes, “How can we expect God to listen to us if we ourselves do not pay attention to what we are saying?” It would be […]

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God cannot be regarded with indifference (Comments Off)

So loving and generous a God cannot simply be regarded with indifference, or be a matter for dispassionate, rational speculation. The Cistercians, therefore, are far readier to speak to God than about God: Now, therefore, Lord, in complete faith I worship you. You who are God, the one Cause of all that is, the Wisdom […]


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Wrapped in death’s strong bonds (0)

We are still in Easter season and the mystery of Christ Jesus resurrection is still central in the liturgy as well in our private prayer and meditation. I have been spending a lot of time on the ‘Last Discourse’ of Jesus in the Gospel of John as well as the account of the Resurrection. Our […]


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Make America Meek Again: The Legacy of St. Gregory the Great (Comments Off)

Catholic Exchange: On March 12, fourteen hundred years ago, Pope St. Gregory the Great died. As his honorary title proclaims, he was a great man and a great pope. But this greatness was his not because he wanted to make the Roman papacy great again—which he did. St. Gregory was called great because he was […]


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Statue of Mary untouched by Ecuador earthquake (0)

Guayaquil, Ecuador, Apr 23, 2016 / 04:08 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Everything collapsed around it, but the glass case with the statue of our Lady of Light remained intact after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador on April 16. The statue was housed at the Leonie Aviat school in the Tarqui administrative district in Manta […]


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Struggle with the eight main passions: Gluttony (Comments Off)

XI. For it is impossible for the fiery impulses of the body to be extinguished until the shoots of the other principle vices have themselves been cut off at the root… Whoever is unable to check the desire to gormandize (to eat gluttonously) will be incapable of curbing the urges of burning lust. The chastity […]


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Five years into the Syrian Civil War, a look at those who’ve fled (Comments Off)

Washington D.C., Mar 15, 2016 / 03:12 am (CNA).- March 15 marks five years since civil war broke out in Syria. The conflict has had devastating consequences for the people of the country, many of whom have been forced to flee. Since 2011, Catholic Relief Services has helped to assist more than 1 million Syrians […]



We Live in the Time of the Two Advents of Christ (Comments Off)

History itself acquired a new meaning, or rather its hidden meaning was revealed, when the Word of God became incarnate and entered into history. Time itself was now an Epiphany of the Creator and of the Redeemer, the “Lord of Ages.” And yet time also acquired a new solemnity, a new urgency, since the Lord […]


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Six Great Mysteries of the Bible (Comments Off)

The Old Testament answers some of the greatest questions of all time—where did we come from? Why do we desire the good yet do evil? Why do our souls yearn for eternity while our bodies yield to death and decay? Yet, the Hebrew Scriptures leave so many other tantalizing questions unanswered. These mysteries have nagged […]


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5 Reasons to Pray the Divine Office Daily (Comments Off)

If I were to ask someone, “what is the public prayer of the Church,” I would typically get the answer of the Rosary. While the Rosary is a great devotion, the Church names a different prayer the “public prayer of the church:” “The divine office, because it is the public prayer of the Church, is […]


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Louis de Montfort, a saint whose life was the stuff of Hollywood (0)

As a poor young priest, St Louis was helped by a mistress of the king of France Catholic Herald: Catholics are known for revering certain saints. We all have our favourites, those to whom we have a special devotion and love. My own list includes St Francis of Assisi (naturally), St Bernadette, Blessed Pier Giorgio […]


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Benedictine nuns back at it again with a new album (0)

Kansas City, Mo., Apr 27, 2016 / 04:52 pm (CNA).- A new album from the chart-topping community of Benedictine nuns in rural Missouri has an intimate selection of the songs they sing when they gather for Eucharistic Adoration at their monastery. “We pray that the music on this album will contribute to a more profound […]



Rosary Advice from Louis de Montfort (part 2) (0)

(continued from yesterday) With Attention (Forty-Second Rose) When praying the rosary it is important to concentrate on the prayers being prayed and the mystery being contemplated. As De Montfort wittingly notes, “How can we expect God to listen to us if we ourselves do not pay attention to what we are saying?” It would be […]



Important: Formal Oblations delayed (Comments Off)

Because of a scheduling conflict in the Abbey Church, the Mass and Renewal of Oblations originally scheduled have been cancelled. This is a disappoint for those of you who have been waiting but it simply cannot be avoided. More information will be provided in the next newsletter.


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Pope Francis: “God Is Greater Than Our Sin!” (Comments Off)

Immerse yourself in the ocean of God’s mercy and find the one thing we all truly need in life Aleteia: — God’s love is an ocean of infinite mercy and forgiveness, in which even our worst sins can be completely washed away, Pope Francis said today. Concluding his catecheses on mercy in the Old Testament […]



Serving one another (0)

Obedience is a blessing to be shown by all, not only to the abbot but also to one another as brothers, since we know that it is by this way of obedience that we go to God. Therefore, although orders of the abbot or of the priors appointed by him take precedence, and no unofficial […]


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Passing of Our Holy Father Benedict (Comments Off)

The same year in which he departed this life, he told the day of his holy death to his monks, some of which did live daily with him, and some dwelt far off, willing those that were present to keep it secret, and telling them that were absent by what token they should know that […]


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Padre Pio, Bernard of Clairvaux, and the Shoulder Wound of Christ (Comments Off)

Two great saints were prayerfully, and painfully, devoted to a wound of Christ’s Passion, “not recorded by men…” What do medieval mystic St. Bernard of Clairvaux and modern monk St. Padre Pio have in common? Well, they’re both saints, sharing in the eternal reward which God has prepared for them. But beyond that, both had […]