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The struggles of those in prison (0)

September 28, 2016 • Category: Br. Mark

the normal human struggle though intensified Human beings are complicated. Our inner lives can often be messy, chaotic and can often be filled with inner conflict. Sometimes the conflict can comes from a place buried so deep that it may never be found out. Yet it must be dealt with. In fact we can even […]

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We are miserable as we think that happiness is something it is not (0)

The blind perversity of our misery is lamentable indeed. Although we desire happiness ardently, not only do we not do those things by which we may obtain our desire but rather, with contrary disaffection, take steps to add to our misery. In my opinion, we would never do this, if a false image of happiness […]


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The struggles of those in prison (0)

the normal human struggle though intensified Human beings are complicated. Our inner lives can often be messy, chaotic and can often be filled with inner conflict. Sometimes the conflict can comes from a place buried so deep that it may never be found out. Yet it must be dealt with. In fact we can even […]


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We must not count on ourselves (0)

If we knew at what time we were to depart from this world, we would be able to select a season for pleasure and another for repentance. But God, who has promised pardon to every repentant sinner, has not promised us tomorrow. Therefore we must always dread the final day, which we can never foresee. […]


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Priests for Life: Comparison of Party Platforms (0)

There has been a lot of information distributed through the media and the internet on the different positions of the candidates on the issues, particularly those issues that have an impact on Christians. Priests for Life provided a comparison of the positions of the different political parties and candidates relating to the following issues: Human Life Judges […]


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The Meaning of Scripture (0)

One day some old men came to see Abba Anthony. In the midst of them was Abba Joseph. Wanting to test them, the old man suggested a text from the Scriptures, and, beginning with the youngest, he asked them what it meant. Each gave his opinion as he was able. But to each one the […]


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Trump Launches Major Pro-Life Outreach (0)

With seven weeks to go before the voters head to the polls, Donald Trump has announced the formation of a new Pro-Life Coalition. Breitbart: In a letter to pro-life leaders released on Friday, he invited them to join the Coalition to help make clear to pro-life voters “the stark contrast” between him and his opponent, […]



“The World” is a sham (0)

The real trouble with “the world,” in the bad sense which the Gospel condemns, is that it is a complete and systematic sham, and he who follows it ends not by living but by pretending he is alive, and justifying his pretense by an appeal to the general conspiracy of all the others to do […]


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Pray Often and Read Often (0)

For those who practice it, the experience of lectio sacra sharpens perception, enriches understanding, rouses from sloth, banishes idleness, orders life, corrects bad habits, produces salutary weeping and draws tears from contrite hearts . . . curbs idle speech and vanity, awakens longing for Christ and the heavenly homeland. It must always be accompanied by […]


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5 Reasons to Pray the Divine Office Daily (0)

If I were to ask someone, “what is the public prayer of the Church,” I would typically get the answer of the Rosary. While the Rosary is a great devotion, the Church names a different prayer the “public prayer of the church:” “The divine office, because it is the public prayer of the Church, is […]


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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (0)

(CNA): The Catholic Church celebrates today the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary on its traditional fixed date of September 8, nine months after the December 8 celebration of her Immaculate Conception as the child of Saints Joachim and Anne. The circumstances of the Virgin Mary’s infancy and early life are not directly recorded in […]


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I love Georgia (0)

I like the cold, not like in the North of the country, but around 40 degrees or so. I like to feel my bones chill, it is so easy to breathe, I feel good. It is even better when a cold rain comes pouring down, just rain, and no snow. For as much as I […]



How Our Lady of Fatima kept a papacy going (0)

During the late John Paul II years, one constant bit of subtext on the Vatican beat was the pope’s health and his physical capacity to lead. I used to joke that my definition of bliss would be never having to go on TV or radio again and start by saying, “Well, I’m not a doctor, […]



Important: Formal Oblations delayed (0)

Because of a scheduling conflict in the Abbey Church, the Mass and Renewal of Oblations originally scheduled have been cancelled. This is a disappoint for those of you who have been waiting but it simply cannot be avoided. More information will be provided in the next newsletter.


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You may be suffering from acedia — and it’s deadly (0)

It’s been described as the sin of our day, and we need to set about rooting it out In connection with the Memorial of Saint Bernard (August 20), First Things reposted this article about the deadly sin of acedia, which Bernard and other writers in the monastic tradition regarded as “the noonday devil” of Psalm […]



We are exhausting vital pure spiritual energy (0)

We live in a society that tries to keep us dazzled with euphoria in a bright cloud of lively and joy-loving slogans. Yet nothing is more empty and more dead, nothing is more insultingly insincere and destructive than the vapid grins on the billboards and the moron beatitudes in the magazines which assure us that […]


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Remembering Saint Benedict (0)

ROME, JUNE 11, 2012 (Zenit.org).- Nearly half a century has passed since the father of western monasticism, Saint Benedict, was declared patron protector of Europe. Throughout the Dark Ages of Europe following the fall of Rome, Scripture, patristic writings, classical literature, and scientific works that otherwise might have been forgotten or destroyed were kept safe […]


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Rosary Advice from Louis de Montfort (part 2) (0)

(continued from yesterday) With Attention (Forty-Second Rose) When praying the rosary it is important to concentrate on the prayers being prayed and the mystery being contemplated. As De Montfort wittingly notes, “How can we expect God to listen to us if we ourselves do not pay attention to what we are saying?” It would be […]