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Christ’s Love for All



hagiasophia_Christ2_webThe Word shows his compassion and impartiality through all saints, revealing and adapting himself, like a skillful physician, to whatever advantageous for us and understanding the weakness of our humanity. He tempts to teach the ignorant; he returns those who err to his own true way. He is easily found by those who seek with faith; and to those who have pure eyes and holy hearts and who desire to knock at the door, he opens immediately. He casts away none of his servants as unworthy of the divine mysteries He does not esteem the rich more highly than the poor, nor does he does he despise the poor because they are plain. He does not reproach barbarians, nor does he banish the eunuch as being one who is less than a human being. He does not hate the female on account of her disobedience at the beginning nor does he treat the male as unworthy on account of his transgression. He wants everyone and desires to save everyone, wishing to restore everyone as children of God.

On Christ and the Antichrist 3


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  1. God’s love is always close. His Word is a restoring hope.