Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

Four Movements of Lectio Divina



Prepared by the novices of Gethsemani Abbey, via Fr. Michael

Lectio (Reading) Acquaintanceship

  • Read the Scripture
  • Gather the facts
  • "Listen" to God's word
  • What word/phrase speaks to you?
    (allow 1-2 min quiet time)

Meditatio (Meditation) Friendliness

  • Read the Scripture again
  • Let Jesus speak to you
  • Reflect on the message
  • What is God saying to you?
    (allow 3-4 min quiet time)

Oratio (Prayer) Friendship

  • Read the Scripture again
  • Let you heart respond to God
  • Trust God enough to become emotionally involved
  • What do you want to say to God?
    (allow 4-5 min quiet time)

Contemplatio (Contemplation) Union of Life

  • Read the Scripture a final time
  • Surrender to God's presence
  • Rest in God beyond concepts
  • Feelings and particular acts
    (allow 5-10 min quiet time)

Conclude with the Lord's Prayer


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