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Divine humility alone can lift you up



Nativity_Mary_webWith what words shall we bless the love of God and how can we express our thanks? He has loved us so much that for our sake He, who is eternal and older than the universe itself, has become younger than most of his servants in the world! Like an infant, he cried speechlessly, even though He is the “Word” without whom the most eloquent people become speechless!

Behold, man, what God has become for your sake! Keep in your heart a lesson from this great humility imparted by a speechless infant! You were in paradise one day and you were eloquent giving each creature a name but your creator, for your sake, laid down speechless unable to call his own mother by her name!

While in a paradise abounding in fruits you perished yourself through disobedience. But in total obedience, He came down as a dead person to a humble and lowly abode so that through His death he could restore life to the dead. But you, even though you were human, wanted to be god and so you were lost. And He, even though He was God, wanted to be man in order to find he who was lost. Human pride brought you down so that divine humility alone can lift you up.

Saint Augustine


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