Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

Holy Thursday: Some thoughts



Last_supper_webTogether they gathered for Passover,
for his followers
it was what they have always done in the past,
not knowing that something different was about to be implemented,
as Jesus watched
seeing those he loved and cherished,
filled with a loneliness that no other could bear,
knowing that soon
very soon,
one would betray,
another perhaps worse in its way,
would deny,
the others flee abandoning him to his fate,
for fear can drain the bravest of men of their courage,
this he knew,
for the hearts of men were an open book to him,
yet he loved.

he could not protect himself with anger,
nor hatred,
no walls could he build up around his heart of infinite depth,
apathy not available to numb,
he could only love even if it meant his death.

For to hate,
seeking revenge,
is defeat in the face of evil,
feeding only the fire that fuels the cycle.

Br. Mark Dohle
Holy Spirit Monastery


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