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The Actions of the Trinity in Us



trinity_rublev_webLet us consider ourselves, and the actions of the Trinity in us, from the beginning of the world until the end. Let us see how that Majesty upon whom lie both the administration and the governance of the ages has been concerned not to lose us forever. Indeed he had made all things mightily, and he was governing all things wisely. There was goodness in God as well, goodness great beyond measure; but it lay concealed in the heart of the Father, to be lavished at a seasonable time upon the race of the children of Adam.

His own kindness induced the Word of God, who was on high, to come down to us; his compassion drew him; the truth by which he had promised that he would come compelled him; the purity of a virginal womb received him; virtue reared him; obedience steered him in all things; patience armed him; and charity revealed him by words and miracles.

He gave us his life to instruct us, his death to destroy ours, his resurrection to herald ours, his ascension to prepare for ours, and finally his Spirit to assist us in our weakness. This Spirit gives us the pledge of salvation, the force of life, and the light of knowledge. He is the sweet and gentle Spirit who bends our will, or rather straightens and directs it more fully toward his own so that we may be able to understand his will truly, love it fervently, and fulfill it effectually.

Bernard of Clairvaux


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