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Prayer-corner-webIs one moment better than another,
another place holier than the one I am in,
is there one occupation where God is found,
or there others less so;
this day,
that place,
are there some where God is more present,
others where he is not?

We need perhaps places that are holy,
yet for God all points on our world are filled with his glory,
no place so humble where God is absent,
infinite love is one with us,
in our joy,
on sunny days,
also when things are chaotic,
moments filled with pain and sin,
when horror is present
and unspeakable things happen to the innocent,
where darkness seems the only truth.


Perhaps God is there more intensely
for love is like that,
it takes on the pain of the beloved,
the deeper the love,
closer the union
is the intensity of pain felt.

It is thus so with humans
with God perhaps the same
yet different.

For our pain and sin
cannot take away God's essence,
he can enter into our lives
and heal,
and bestow on us with his mercy.

The further we fall
the greater the need to draw close,
for mercy deserved
is not mercy at all.

Jesus-fear-boat-dohle-webDo not fear;
me, you, us, all, everyone
are loved by the infinite.

So pray for all,
the good,
beautiful and ugly
for we are all brothers and sisters
and we are called to love as Jesus loves,
to love our enemies,
something that can only be done
by becoming a channel of the eternal mercy,
so draw near to Love and transformation will come,
what is impossible for man is not for God.

Br. Mark Dohle, OCSO
Holy Spirit Monastery


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