Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

You have done well



Desert_Fathers2_webIt was said of Abba Zeno, that when he was living in Scetis, he came out of his cell by night, going in the direction of the marshes. He spent three days and three nights wandering at random. At last, tired out, his strength failing him, he fell down as though he were dying. Behold, a little child stood before him with bread and a jar of water and said to him, 'Get up, and eat.' He stood up and prayed, thinking that it was a delusion. The other said to him, 'You have done well.' And he prayed a second, and then a third time. The child said again, 'You have done well.' Then the old man stood up, took some food and ate. The child said to him, 'As far as you have walked, so far are you from your cell. So then, get up, and follow me.' Immediately he found himself in his cell. So the old man said to the child, 'Enter, and let us pray.' But when the old man went inside, the other vanished.


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