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NC Voter Guide



2016_ncfamily_voterguide-1NC Family has created a website to help get better information to the voters on a wide variety of subjects. You can download the whole guide or you can use this website to give a condensed version for just your voting district. NC Family has been doing this since 2000 and is totally non-partisan. You are highly encouraged to visit and make use of this site before you vote.

From the Guide:

"In the past, we’ve heard from citizens across the State who were frustrated over the lack of reliable information about candidates running for elected office. Radio and television ads often present what the candidates want you to hear, but where do you go for information regarding what candidates really think about the issues that matter to you and your family? When candidate positions are not known, the gathering of enough information to make an informed decision can become a burden—sometimes resulting in voter frustration and even apathy.

Years ago, NC Family committed to providing a public service to the voters of our state by asking candidates for congressional and state-level offices in North Carolina what they think about a variety of issues, and then passing this information along to the public."


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