Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

Soul’s memory



Its memory long and deep,
remembrance of things past
abuses done when it was innocent;
physical, mental, sexual,
actions also committed the cycle continued,
in a dark inner room hidden
shivering in its dread
of pain received
and agony delivered
awaiting it’s judgment feared.

Crying out in its pain
not understanding the why of it all,
writhing in its fetal position
the soul lay dying
in its hell of cold isolation.

Once more calling out,
the presence came in gentle light probing,
slowly growing stronger so as not to frighten
the shattered soul lying before Its loving gaze;
the soul amazed responded
as the love slowly spread
the shivering abated allowing tears to flow,
its wailing heard throughout the inner worlds
as Love did it’s gentle but painful work.

Each event brought to light,
both as victim
and the one who created them,
it all its raw reality to be faced and embraced,
to say yes to what happened,
in sorrow to what it had done,
the fire of love’s purgatory cleansing the shame,
burning away the pain,
the fire healing its wounds
to bring it soul to fruition.

In a burst of gratitude and joy
it understood
that in its darkest moments of pain,
the light was there seeking to heal,
suffering with it's life’s long journey,
and yes the agony of those afflicted
by the souls own sordid path,
making all things to work for the good
when all given over to mercies mystery
when in love responding to the Presence.

The light that fills the world
and walked among us,
seeks us all,
for God is kind to both the grateful and the wicked.

In knowing all,
the hearts deepest secrets
mercy is offered
to those in pain, shame, degradation.

The light came to save not to condemn,
it is the human heart that seeks pain for its enemies,
punishment to those who are considered evil.

In God only mercy offered,
for in showing mercy we open ourselves to mercy,
for what we see in others
a reflection of our state,
God is our judge,
we are called to judge no one.

Br. Mark Dohle, OCSO
Holy Spirit Monastery


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