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That Day Which Has No Sunset



ResurrectionMary found Jesus in the flesh. For this she was keeping watch. Over his tomb she had come to mount guard while it was still dark. You, who no longer ought to know Jesus according to the flesh but according to the spirit, will be able to find him spiritually if you seek him with a like desire, if he finds you likewise vigilant in prayer. Say then to the Lord Jesus with the desire and the affection of Mary: "My soul has longed for you during the night, my spirit too, deep within me; from early morning I will keep watch for you" (Is 26:9). Say with the voice and the mind of the Psalmist: "God, my God, for you as soon as it is light I keep watch, my soul is a thirst for you" (Ps 62:2) ....

Keep watch then, brothers and sisters, intent in prayer; keep watch and carefully guard your actions; especially since the morning of that day which has no sunset has already shone upon us. For already eternal light has come back to us from the nether regions, more serene and more pleasing, and the morning has given its welcome to the newly restored Sun. Indeed it is time now for us to arise from sleep; the night has passed away, while the day has drawn near. Keep watch, I say, that the morning light may rise for you, that is Christ, whose coming forth has been made ready like the dawn, ready to renew often the mystery of the morning of his resurrection in those who keep watch for him. Then you will sing with jubilant heart: "God the Lord has shone upon us. This is the day which the Lord has made; let us exult and rejoice in it" (Ps 117:27,24).

Guerric of Igny
Sermon 35


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