Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC




Oh beloved Lord
how hidden you are,
yet in you we have our being;
the breath we take
the air breathed in,
is your gift

We are surrounded by beauty Lord,
nature can be intoxicating;
the sound of wind,
warmth given us by the sun,
and yes dark clouds with its storms
giving relief to a thirsty earth
are works of art
that stir our hearts deeply;
sometimes with wonder at its artistry,
at others
with fear at violence terrible,
destruction deep,
yes we also live in the mystery,
the why’s often going unanswered
causing chagrin
and anger among many.

In trust I go forward,
there are no promises that I will not suffer
nor my loved ones,
for all in the end die,
some by violence
others by disease
the lucky few peacefully in sleep,
yes all must pass through that dark door.

Lord you are with us in our journey,
our sufferings are yours,
the evil we do to ourselves
and yes to others
become your wounds,
with us you drink the chalice
filled with the wine of our anguish,
one with us,
seeking only to heal us
for by your strips we are healed.

Infinite love is incomprehensible,
it’s motives buried deep in the mystery of existence,
like children we stumble,
curse you because of our littleness,
for we are young,
seeking to understand what in the end
is something perhaps we will never comprehend,
yet spending an eternity discovering.


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