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October 4, 2017

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace: The human experience for everyone is a rough journey.  We can often hide from others what is going on inside of us; we can smile when in reality there is a war going on within.  We experience injustice, injury, doubt and yes despair.  We can also go […]

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John H.

John (not his real name) is a very immature adult, at least on an emotional level. In the 37 years that I have known him, 17 of those was spent in manifesting bullying behavior, to not only keep people at a distance, but also manipulate them through fear; which worked to his detriment as well […]



I would suppose when all is said and done, when priorities are set after much thought, and yes prayer, in the end, the answer arrived at, sooner for some, later for others; is……. it is love that the heart seeks, more than mere instinct, for it is true that our loves can be needy, we […]


Do not cling

His mother ill in the hospital very sick and he is going crazy not knowing what to do, so he calls the doctor expecting an answer, when often the only answer is one he does not want to hear; she is old winding down though slowly, doctors can only do so much in any circumstance […]


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