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What the Near Death Experience may have to offer us(0)

March 26, 2017

It all about perspective and yes faith as well My faith will dictate to me my perspective towards the world, its meaning and my place in it.  As a Catholic that perspective will hone it down to a finer point.  Then I am a monk, so that will further narrow down how I interrupt the […]

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Changing perception

A piece I wrote 11 years ago when in working in our infirmary. For whatever reason, Clarence’s driver, the one who takes him to dialysis did not show up on Thursday morning. So I was called to take him in for his appointment. The trip is not a long one, it takes about 25 minutes […]


Holy man off Cleveland exit I-75

He actually has a regal look about him, at least when first spotted, sitting on the side of the road. Long white beard, thin hair also uncut, in matching white shirt and shorts, soaked with sweat on some days. Looks almost like some sort of holy man one might see in India, along the roads […]


The waiting

If you can be quiet enough, attain an inner calm, it is the reality of waiting, of just being that comes to consciousness, though for what, well, perhaps that is the question. Being busy is a way of losing that awareness, the absurdity of life apart from the silent waiting below the churning thoughts fears, […]


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