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The fight(0)

August 18, 2017

The call can be strong even insistent in its pursuit yet I often ignore, or perhaps run from the freedom offered, as if I prefer my chains of petty concerns and fears to the wide open spaces offered to me by grace, locked behind a door that I have the key to, often not used. […]

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Hook in me

Emotions flow of their own accord often times my mind plays it’s own tapes, movies, reruns seen often, all I have to do is sit back and observe, the length of their life depending on how the observer reacts, calmly allowing things to proceed, or being absorbed by the inner play, which allows the story […]


Talk on Grief

There is one experience that most of us are not spared from, it often starts as a child when our innocence is shattered when the reality of how something that we love can be taken away, for most it can begin with the death of a beloved pet, or perhaps we hear of the death […]


By the dollar store

I drove Luke to his dentist appointment on Thursday afternoon it was a beautiful cloudy warm winter’s day, as usual he was very pleasant company and talkative. After the visit he wanted to go to the “the Dollar Store”, I let him go in alone so that he could just take his time, unlike me […]


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