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The wisdom of discretion(Comments Off on The wisdom of discretion)

April 29, 2017

. . . I remind you of a certain old man called Heron, who by paying no attention to discretion brought to nothing all his earlier labors and, what is more, came to a miserable end. A few days ago by the tricks of the devil he was cast down from the heights to the […]

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The Meaning of Scripture

One day some old men came to see Abba Anthony. In the midst of them was Abba Joseph. Wanting to test them, the old man suggested a text from the Scriptures, and, beginning with the youngest, he asked them what it meant. Each gave his opinion as he was able. But to each one the […]


Submit yourself to your father

While he was sitting one day in Scetis, Abba Zacharias had a vision. He went to tell his father, Carion, about it. The old man, who was an ascetic, did not understand this matter. He got up and beat him soundly, saying that it came from the demons. But Zacharias went on thinking about it, […]


You have done well

It was said of Abba Zeno, that when he was living in Scetis, he came out of his cell by night, going in the direction of the marshes. He spent three days and three nights wandering at random. At last, tired out, his strength failing him, he fell down as though he were dying. Behold, […]


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