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The Sin of Usury is Alive and Well(0)

April 21, 2017

Usury, at least in modern times, has typically been regarded as excessive interest rates, in the order of dozens or even hundreds of percent.  Those of us, of a “certain age”, can recall the stereotypical “loan shark” and his henchmen who fall under the category of usurious money lenders.  Such was not always the case.  […]

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Donald Trump to March for Life: ‘You Have My Full Support!’

President Donald Trump signaled his support for pro-life activists attending the March for Life on Friday. “The #MarchForLife is so important,” he wrote on Twitter. “To all of you marching — you have my full support!” Trump will reportedly also call into the march, following the precedent set by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The […]


Responsible citizenship is a virtue

“Both [major] candidates for president are seen as having such serious flaws as to lead some people to wonder if they can vote for either candidate of the two major parties or if they should skip voting in this year’s election. In the end, people must follow their consciences, but they should also take care […]


We’re better citizens when we’re more faithful Catholics

. . . So since this is an election year, here are a few simple points to remember as we move toward November. 1. “Catholic” is a word that has real meaning. We don’t control or invent that meaning as individuals. We inherit it from the Gospel and the experience of the Church over the […]


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