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Soul’s memory(Comments Off on Soul’s memory)

November 5, 2017

Its memory long and deep, remembrance of things past abuses done when it was innocent; physical, mental, sexual, actions also committed the cycle continued, in a dark inner room hidden shivering in its dread of pain received and agony delivered awaiting it’s judgment feared. Crying out in its pain not understanding the why of it […]

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Some Poetic Musings on Life

Too soon When young and healthy the world is ours, our bodies sleek, or if not at least strong, if not that, we still have years to look forward to, death something far off not to be thought off. Yet the years speed by and soon, too soon, we find ourselves among the middle aged […]


Good Friday

Long the journey was not from Pilates chair of judgment to the place of the skull, the pain endured however beyond human knowing, body torn with lashes, head deeply wounded by sharp thorns, blood pouring into his eyes, face beaten black and blue beyond recognition, the continued jeering mocking, being spit upon, the soul shattering […]


Holy Thursday: The Garden

Alone in the garden leaning upon a rock, his followers asleep not understanding what was coming, the shivering in fear the sweating of blood caused by the depth of anxiety, the prayer of surrender “not my will but yours be done”; the kiss of betrayal done in mockery, “hail Rabbi”; the fleeing of the apostles, […]


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