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Good Friday(Comments Off on Good Friday)

April 14, 2017

Long the journey was not from Pilates chair of judgment to the place of the skull, the pain endured however beyond human knowing, body torn with lashes, head deeply wounded by sharp thorns, blood pouring into his eyes, face beaten black and blue beyond recognition, the continued jeering mocking, being spit upon, the soul shattering […]

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Holy Thursday: The Garden

Alone in the garden leaning upon a rock, his followers asleep not understanding what was coming, the shivering in fear the sweating of blood caused by the depth of anxiety, the prayer of surrender “not my will but yours be done”; the kiss of betrayal done in mockery, “hail Rabbi”; the fleeing of the apostles, […]


Wednesday of Holy Week

Did Jesus understand, did he know the fate, just around the corner stalking him, he was fully human after all, true the Word, yet he did grow in wisdom and knowledge. From what he said the answer seems to be yes, so the day before it began perhaps his soul was already sweating blood long […]


Tuesday of Holy Week

There is an inner coldness, A deep emptiness that comes upon me this time of the year, Perhaps it is the radiating darkness From the occupied tomb of Holy Saturday, An ending known, The ending of us all A tomb waiting after our own passion, Ending in the bleakness of death. Beyond that day of […]


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