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A New Examination of Conscience for Lent(0)

February 17, 2018

New Liturgical Movement: As one who is generally skeptical of new things, I sympathize with any reader who might be wondering just what might be meant by a “new examination of conscience.” Aren’t the old ones just fine? Well, yes, they are fine. But, speaking personally (and perhaps due to my own faults), I have sometimes been […]

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Living with Progress

It does us no good to make fantastic progress if we do not know how to live with it, if we cannot make good use of it and if, in fact, our technology becomes nothing more than an expensive and complicated way of cultural disintegration. It is bad form to say such things, to recognize […]


Advent: I live to Christ when I die to myself

Advent for us means acceptance of this totally new beginning. It means a readiness to have eternity and time meet not only in Christ, but in us, in Man, in our life, in our world, in our time. The beginning, therefore, is the end. We must accept the end, before we can begin. Or rather, […]


Without wisdom…

Science and technology are indeed admirable in many respects, and if they fulfill their promises, they can do much for man. But they can never solve his deepest problems. On the contrary, without wisdom, without the intuition and freedom that enable man to return to the root of his being, science can only precipitate him […]


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