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Delusion must be refused(Comments Off on Delusion must be refused)

September 7, 2017

In proportion as he becomes authentically aware of his own plight, man confronts the absurd — and finds it not in himself or in the objective world, but “in their presence together.” Whereas he seeks to understand himself and his world by reason, he finds that the “only bond” between himself and the world is […]

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What is Success?

A few years ago a man who was compiling a book entitled Success wrote and asked me to contribute a statement on how I got to be a success. I replied indignantly that I was not able to consider myself a success in any terms that had a meaning to me. I swore I had […]


The city itself lives on its own myth

The city itself lives on its own myth. Instead of waking up and silently existing, the city people prefer a stubborn and fabricated dream; they do not care to be a part of the night, or to be merely of the world. They have constructed a world outside the world, against the world, a world […]


Foolish people at the mercy selling happiness

If we are fools enough to remain at the mercy of the people who want to sell us happiness, it will be impossible for us ever to be content with anything. How would they profit if we became content? We would no longer need their new product. The last thing the salesman wants is for […]


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