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It is the question of a game(Comments Off on It is the question of a game)

March 23, 2017

“Businesses, are, in reality, quasi-religious sects. When you go to work in one, you embrace A New Faith. And if they are really big businesses, you progress from faith to a kind of mystique. Belief in the product, preaching the product, in the end the product becomes the focus of a transcendental experience. Through ‘the […]

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Sunday Chapter talk on humility

You can’t escape the journey that is our lives.  If it is attempted things usually get worse.  That goes for life in the secular world as well as for those who are in religious and monastic life.  Below is a talk I presented to the community at Sunday Chapter on an aspect of Humility as […]


The work of purification: Loving others

Very few men are sanctified in isolation. Very few become perfect in absolute solitude. Living with other people and learning to lose ourselves in the understanding of their weakness and deficiencies can help us to become true contemplatives. For there is no better means of getting rid of the rigidity and harshness and coarseness of […]


Respecting Solitude

If a man does not know the value of his own loneliness, how can he respect another’s solitude? It is at once our loneliness and our dignity to have an incommunicable personality that is ours, ours alone and no one else’s, and will be so forever. When human society fulfills its true function the persons […]


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