Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

Guidelines for Oblates

1. Oblates Strive to Be Loyal and Active Members of Christ and His Church

  • Oblates involve themselves in the full life of the Church, "sharing in the priestly, prophetic, and royal office of Christ...being witnesses to Christ and promoting the salvation of mankind."7
  • They foster the ecumenical spirit as called for by the Vatican II. They will meet with those not of the Catholic faith, strive to understand the religious beliefs and customs of others, look for teachings on which others agree with them, enter into friendly discussion of teachings on which there is disagreement, put aside all prejudice, and foster the spirit of universal brotherhood in God our Father.8
  • They seek to true lay apostles according to their abilities and the circumstances of their lives, with a spirit of mission, a spirit of vocation from God through the Holy Spirit working in them, eager to help in proclaiming and spreading the Word of God to the ends of the earth.9
  • Oblates recognize that their success as lay apostles depends on their living in close union with the Spirit of Christ in the Church, and that this intimate union with the Lord is especially nourished in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Service to others will then be the immediate effect of true union with Christ.10


2. Oblates Strive for Their Own Continued Christian Renewal and Improvement

  • As their states in life permit, Oblates make use of various means for improving themselves spiritually, intellectually, culturally, and socially, by making a Retreat, a Day of Recollection or Renewal, attending a Workshop, Seminar, Lecture, or Prayer Meeting, as occasion offers from time to time.11
  • They make the study and reading of Holy Scripture and important part of their lives, concentrating especially on the Gospel teachings of Christ.12
  • They listen attentively to the public proclamation of the Word of God at Mass, and to the homily of the priest as he shows how the word of God is applied to daily life.13

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  1. Very well written. Covers most all questions Novices and Oblates might offer. Clearly states our responsibilities as Oblates to our Abbot, community, each other and the world. Thank you for adding this to our website: much needed and hopefully will give us good direction!


  2. "Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian men and women admitted into spiritual union and affiliation with a Benedictine community of monks or nuns, so that they may share in the spiritual life, prayers, and good works of the community"

    The above section of the Guidelines is the central and essential part of oblate life for me -- how being an oblate must be about the "journey to dwell with God."

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