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Hearing with the ears of a Saint

The story is told that at the Monastery of St. George the Abbot was blessed with monks who did not have beautiful voices.  The annual pilgrimage on the feast day of St. George was not very impressive with the rather awful sounds coming from the choir.  So the Abbot called together all the monks and […]


From the Life of St. Benedict

When this great temptation was thus overcome, the man of God, like to a piece of ground well tilled and weeded, of the seed of virtue brought forth plentiful store of fruit: and by reason of the great report of his wonderful holy life, his name became very famous. Not far from the place where […]


Love for the Abbot

What Benedict says next is interesting; it is unexpected. You think now that after he has talked about the fear of God, he will immediately talk about the love of God. Instead, he drops in, abbatem suum sincera et humili caritate diligant. Love his abbot with a sincere and humble charity. This tells us how […]