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Alone before God

We all carry the monk archetype in our souls A man came to me and asked me why the monastery was so important to him. He went on to say that when he is here staying at our retreat house, he feels at peace and more centered. However when he leaves it seems to go […]


Shallow sport

So easy to forget what we are about, or perhaps forgetting is not the point, for if truth be told it seems we don’t know. Money, power and yes, sex seems to be a main concern, only the veneer important, the body, clothes, the car we drive, the face we put out to others lest […]


Sin can only be defeated by God

To uproot sin and the evil that is so imbedded in our sinning can  be done only by divine power, for it is impossible and outside man’s competence to uproot sin.  To struggle, yes, to continue to fight, to  inflict blows, and to receive setbacks is in your power.  To uproot,  however, belongs to God […]



The shallow “I” of individualism can be possessed, developed, cultivated, and pandered to, satisfied: it is the center of all our strivings for gains and for satisfaction, whether material or spiritual. But the deep “I” of the spirit, of solitude and of love, cannot be “had,” possessed, developed, perfected. It can only be and act […]


With God near I am never alone

Give me, 0 Lord, the comfort of my wilderness: a solitary heart and frequent communing with you. As long as you are with me, O my God, I shall not be alone; but if you leave me, woe to him that is alone; for if I fall asleep, there will be no one to keep […]