Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

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Prayers of Intercession

Oblates of Belmont Abbey are free to use the Office of their choosing to fulfill the obligation for prayer. Each form of the Office has its own set of intercessions. A common set of intercessions are offered to the Oblates as another option. Why another set of intercessions? Several reasons but the most important one […]


The Benedictine Charism Today

What does the Benedictine charism offer to today’s world? Put another way, how does The Rule of St. Benedict and the vision of St. Benedict speak to us today, particularly to lay people like myself? About 15 years ago when my husband went to be the dean of Canterbury Cathedral, we went to live in […]


Christopher Jamison: The Pope has a friend in Father Christopher

The Vatican may be mired in scandal, but, in Sussex this Easter, TV’s favourite monk is a model of faith and hope. Peter Stanford meets Christopher Jamison. The Independent, April4, 2010. Abbot Christopher Jamison’s knack for revealing a more enticing side of religion in general, and his own Roman Catholic Church in particular, is well-known. […]