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Michael Novak has defined Hillary Clinton as “unvotable” for Catholics

Leading conservative intellectual Michael Novak has defined Hillary Clinton as “unvotable” for Catholics in the upcoming presidential elections because she and her party oppose everything that Catholics hold most dear. Breitbart: In an interview with the Italian online journal Tempi on the so-called “Catholic vote” in the 2016 elections, Novak admits that Trump is not […]


Why the Left still harbors hatred for Mother Teresa

As the world await[ed] Mother Teresa’s canonization …, one mystery remains: why the international Left still harbors such hatred for a diminutive religious sister who spent her entire life serving the poorest of the poor. After all, with her inexhaustible dedication to alleviating poverty and assisting the needy, Mother Teresa should be an icon of […]


Every Five Minutes a Christian is Martyred for Their Faith

Breitbart News: Every five minutes a Christian is martyred for their faith, an organisation for persecuted Christians has claimed. According to Christian Freedom International, more than 200 million followers around the world currently face persecution, making Christians the most persecuted faith group on the planet. Christians currently face persecution in 105 of the world’s 196 countries […]