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The ones cared for slowly wind down, eating less, even favorite foods do not tempt, or at least not as they once did. Often becoming more gentle with easier smiles much of the fight is gone if there in the first place. There are times of confusion yet even then they are soon forgotten, so […]


Crowded lobby

Emergency rooms are places of waiting, of hurrying to get there and then just sitting, often in a crowded lobby, witnessing the human drama of our fragility played out in living color; pain, worry, suffering lived out in full view, though most so preoccupied with their own drama it can mostly be fazed out. I […]


The path of the caregiver

Caring for others is twofold.  There is of course the work that is needed everyday, what I call the daily ritual.  When I get someone new on the floor it may take a week or so to get a routine down so that things run more or less smoothly.  The actual manual work is the […]