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A Devotional: Praying for Our Enemies

Praying for Your Enemies Attending Daily Mass recently, I listened to the Gospel and heard a homily about forgiving and loving our enemies. I have heard many homilies on the subject but his time the words I heard inspired me to think harder and pray more on the topic. The topic of understanding what it […]


The Sin of Usury is Alive and Well

Usury, at least in modern times, has typically been regarded as excessive interest rates, in the order of dozens or even hundreds of percent.  Those of us, of a “certain age”, can recall the stereotypical “loan shark” and his henchmen who fall under the category of usurious money lenders.  Such was not always the case.  […]


Unburden Yourself – The Gifts of Confession and Forgiveness

Many of our personal woes are driven by anxieties that seem to us to be inescapable or unmanageable. We deal with the boss that demands a project on a Friday night that is due on Monday morning, after he promised you the day off at that particular Monday; the co-worker that uses the idea that […]


The Case for Chastity

A Love-Hate Relationship with Sexual Freedom Our culture has a love-hate relationship with the ideas of sexual liberation that spewed out of the sixties and seventies. By promising instant gratification and sexual self-realization, the sixties and seventies crafted a narrative in which the purpose of sexuality was totally separate from procreation. This liberation has created […]


I Confess…My Thoughts

I’m Okay.  I’m Not So Sure About You or the Others… “But I’m a good person. I try to live the right way and not do anything immoral, illegal or dishonest. Heck, I’m living my life better than a lot of people I know.” These probably are pretty common thoughts.  But how accurate are they? […]