Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

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A chemist’s love for the liberal arts

These days Fr. Arthur Pendleton, a monk of the Belmont Abbey Monastery, can be seen walking around campus talking to faculty and students. He frequently carries with him an assortment of books. The former chemistry teacher isn’t carrying science books, though. Now he’s looking in a more liberal direction, reading works from Thomas Aquinas to […]


Saints looking up into the face of God

Over the past ten months, something has been growing near the Lourdes Grotto. Standing in the Grotto, and peeking around a couple of bushes, you will find Br. Andrew’s Grotto Garden. On the left side of the Grotto is an old, small building that looks like a cottage. Beside that there is something that had […]


Belmont Abbey’s oldest monk, Father Matthew McSorley, passes away

BELMONT—As the monks of Belmont Abbey Monastery finished Lauds on the morning of Thursday, May 24, Benedictine Father Matthew McSorley passed away peacefully. Father McSorley, was the oldest monk of the community, and had been a monk of Belmont Abbey for 68 years and a priest for 62 years. He was 91. The day he […]