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Four Movements of Lectio Divina

Prepared by the novices of Gethsemani Abbey, via Fr. Michael Lectio (Reading) Acquaintanceship Read the Scripture Gather the facts “Listen” to God’s word What word/phrase speaks to you? (allow 1-2 min quiet time) Meditatio (Meditation) Friendliness Read the Scripture again Let Jesus speak to you Reflect on the message What is God saying to you? […]


Contemplation cannot be taught

The only way to get rid of misconceptions about contemplation is to experience it. One who does not actually know, in his own life, the nature of this breakthrough and this awakening to a new level of reality cannot help being misled by most of the things that are said about it. For contemplation cannot […]


Contemplative Prayer

Contemplation becomes a way of life. I don’t like to think of it so much as something I do but something I am, so I often use the phrase-the contemplative stance. It’s a way of living, moving, and being in this world. I fully admit that we don’t live all of our twenty-four hours there. […]