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The reason for inner confusion

I believe the reason for the inner confusion of Western man is that our technological society has no longer any place in it for wisdom that seeks truth for its own sake, that seeks the fullness of being, that seeks to rest in an intuition of the very ground of all being. Without wisdom, the […]


Learn to Recognize the Dark forces that Affect Marriage

One of the areas where spiritual warfare is most prevalent is in our homes and our marriages. Here Satan attacks with ferocity. His goal: division. He creates sudden upwellings of often vicious and irrational emotions. When we realize this, it has far less chance of what it seeks: Divide and conquer is his strategy. As […]


The man who lives in division

The man who lives in division is not a person but only an “individual.” I have what you have not. I am what you are not. I have taken what you have failed to take and I have seized what you could never get. Therefore you suffer and I am happy, you are despised and […]


Spirit of Our Time is Division

There is a difference between “truth” and “information.” We are deluged with the latter. We are starved for the former. On social media, we have much access to information about people but not the truth of their essence. Meanwhile, it has become nearly impossible to access objective and clean media. Surely you have noticed how […]