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Hook in me

Emotions flow of their own accord often times my mind plays it’s own tapes, movies, reruns seen often, all I have to do is sit back and observe, the length of their life depending on how the observer reacts, calmly allowing things to proceed, or being absorbed by the inner play, which allows the story […]



Some mornings I do wake up grumpy. That is not normal for me, since I am what you could call a morning person. You know the type that can drive others crazy by my smile and chipper ‘good morning pilgrim’ kind of corny thing. However there are mornings when I just want to stay there […]


I Can Be Very Cranky

“Advance, advance… Let nothing hinder your trustful stepsforward; Trustful—of course—since I am there”. (He and I Pauline Press) I find that my responses towards events in my life can be very cranky.  When things slip out of my control, and I am already in a ‘mood’, then my lack of trust in others as well as with […]


Though darkness and light, through confusion and loss you are with me O Lord

I have always said that I ‘enjoy aging. By that I don’t’ mean it is fun or pleasant, yet there are inner changes that make all of the others aspects of getting older well worth it. I do believe that this life is about how we choose to deal with challenging circumstances. I don’t think […]