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The fourth day

What does it mean the fourth day? Simply put, it is the rest of your life, a metaphor of how each day, hour, moment, is a new beginning for you. Some here are fired up, others perhaps feel nothing, some anxious worried if they can follow through, each unique in how they respond, grow, to […]


The struggle

I suppose one of my greatest struggles is to free myself from what others think or feel about me. This has been something that I have worked with from childhood and am not sure actually how much progress I have made in this matter. Like most people, I would like to be understood, my intentions […]


We are Fallible

Most of us would be a lot happier if we were to embrace the notion that human life is necessarily a trial-and-error reality. Its goal is eternal life. That is fixed. But the ways by which we attain that goal and the objectives we pursue en route are relatively flexible. We do not operate in […]