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Calumny and detraction

It is possible to injure another’s good name either by telling lies about that person or by revealing hidden faults which should not be revealed. One of the main reasons why lies are forbidden by the Eighth Commandment is that they destroy community and healthy social relationships. Since man is a social being he absolutely […]


Each of us is willed into existence with a divinely given purpose

Those who have read C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe will remember well the book’s closing sequence — a battle between the White Witch and Aslan, who, accompanied by scores of animals from all throughout Narnia, eventually defeated her and brought peace to Narnia. Organizing his troops for battle, Aslan says: And now! Those who can’t […]


Pope Francis: Gossip, the offspring of jealousy and envy

Vatican City ( AsiaNews) – Jealousy and envy create bitterness in those who subject to them and they generate gossip”. “Gossip divides the community, it destroys the community. They are the weapons of the devil”. These were the words of Pope Francis today during morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta , in which he asked […]


The Splinter

Gossip is so common and is so easily done that those who do it (myself of course included) don’t understand the evil that is committed towards others, until of course they are the victims.  We are all powerless before back stabbing, gossip and talk that can ruin us.  Evil said spreads easily, it can’t be stopped…. it […]



Gossips are in a great deal of pain, perhaps more than they cause…. which is a lot. To be in the ‘gossip-zone’ all the time takes a great deal of self forgetfulness, though it is not based on focusing on others, it is rather a lack of being rooted within oneself and looking outwards so […]