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Fr. Jeremiah O’Connell

On October 20, 1894 Fr. Jeremiah O’Connell fell asleep in the Lord. Fr. O’Connell was a missionary priest who served Catholic Missions in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia before and after the Civil War. His missionary travels throughout these three states are described in the book he authored entitled “Catholicity in the Carolinas and […]


Weekend course on Eastern Catholicism

On  Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28, Very Reverend Mark Shuey of the Ukrainian Catholic Church will offer a weekend course on Eastern Catholicism at the Catholic Parish of St. Vincent de Paul, 6828 Old Reid Road, Charlotte, NC, 28210. Fr. Mark’s presentation will focus on the Byzantine Rite and the Divine Liturgy of St. […]


Alternative Brevaries: The Monastic Diurnal

The Monastic Diurnal (St. Michael’s Abbey Press): A diurnal includes all the traditional hours of the Divine Office except the Office of Matins. The Monastic Diurnal was created for the sake of Oblates and Benedictine Religious who must travel outside the monastery for the day and that is why the Office of Matins is left out. Including Matins for the traveling Benedictine would be unnecessary because the presumption would be that the religious would return before nightfall. Most Oblates would not be able to pray Matins simply because it is too long and quite complicated.