Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

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The ones cared for slowly wind down, eating less, even favorite foods do not tempt, or at least not as they once did. Often becoming more gentle with easier smiles much of the fight is gone if there in the first place. There are times of confusion yet even then they are soon forgotten, so […]


Truly, this is the way of love

A brother once went out on a pilgrimage from the monastery of Abba Poemen, and came to a hermit, who lived in love towards all and received many  visitors.  The brother told the hermit stories of Abba Poemen.  And when he heard of Poemen’s strength of character, he longed to see him. The brother returned to Egypt.  And […]


Honor and Deceit

Recently a young man was presented his Eagle Award. Just before the presentation the speaker talked about what is a central theme of the Scouting movement, Honor. A Scout pledges on his honor to do all that is expected of him as a scout, family member, and citizen. To violate his honor could mean forfeiture […]