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When is Easter Sunday?

And why is Orthodox Easter on a different date than Catholic Easter? Easter Sunday, the greatest liturgical feast of the year, has been celebrated on various days throughout the Church’s 2,000 year history and the scheduling has provided more than its share of controversy. From the very beginning of the Church the feast of the […]


Try “The Yearly Examen”: A spiritual exercise for a better 2017

As the New Year approaches many of us will look forward with hope, convincing ourselves that “next year will be better.” The past year may not have gone exactly as we had wanted and our original “New Year’s Resolutions” may have only endured to the middle of January. Whatever may be the case, we look […]


Irish worker discovers ancient manuscript that links Irish church to Egypt

The conservator called the finding miraculous: “We never before had to deal with a manuscript recovered from a bog.” In 2006 an Irish worker discovered an amazing find while digging in a bog with his backhoe at Fadden More. Sticking out of the earth was an ancient manuscript, miraculously intact after more than a thousand […]


Do ghosts really exist?

Aleteia: Odds are very likely that if someone sees a ghost or if they are involved with “ghost-hunting,” what they saw is actually a demon Around this time of year “ghosts” are everywhere. You can find them at school, on the doorsteps of homes and on the shelves of Wal-Mart. Most of the time, instead of looking […]


5 Reasons to Pray the Divine Office Daily

If I were to ask someone, “what is the public prayer of the Church,” I would typically get the answer of the Rosary. While the Rosary is a great devotion, the Church names a different prayer the “public prayer of the church:” “The divine office, because it is the public prayer of the Church, is […]


A Millennial’s Guide to Lent

Maybe our sacrifices won’t be heroic, but let’s at least make ’em hurt Growing up Catholic in the 1980s and ’90s, I was taught to do one thing during Lent: give up sweets. For most of my life, that is what I did each year, and I thought nothing about it. However, I began to […]