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Surviving Advent as a Single

Tips for handling feelings of disappointment in a season filled with families and gatherings Soon enough Christmas music will flood the stores. All things holiday will insist that we are part of beautiful, functional families. Many of us simply aren’t. It isn’t always easy to embrace a season filled with families, children and abundance when […]


The Mystery of Christmas

The mystery of Christmas therefore lays upon us all a debt and an obligation to the whole created universe. We who have seen the light of Christ are obliged, by the greatness of the grace that has been given us, to make known the presence of the Saviour to the ends of the earth. This […]


Open yourself to the Light of Christ

The Lord always respects the freedom of those he calls. There are cases where people, in encountering Jesus, close their hearts to the change of life to which the Lord is calling them. Many people in Jesus's own time saw and heard him, and yet did not open their hearts to his word. Saint John's […]