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Protected in Woe and in Well

After this He showed a most excellent spiritual pleasure in my soul: I was completely filled with everlasting certainty, powerfully sustained without any painful fear. This feeling was so joyful and so spiritual that I was wholly in peace and in repose and there was nothing on earth that would have grieved me. This lasted […]


We are God’s Handiwork

Our Lord showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, on the palm of my hand, round like a ball. I looked at it thoughtfully and wondered, “What is this?” And the answer came, “It is all that is made.” I marveled that it continued to exist and did not suddenly disintegrate; it […]


The Three Loves

Although there is an evident distinction between love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self, a marvelous bond nevertheless does exist among the three, so that each is found in all, and all in each. None of them can be possessed without all, and when one wavers they all diminish. Someone who does […]


Emptiness (Growth in love)

Love fills up the abyss that exists between My greatness and your nothingness—Sr. Faustina’s diary 512 (4) ++++++++++ ‘Nothingness’ is an interesting term. Is it possible for such a state to exist? Everything that is in the Universe ‘stands out’ exists to some degree. What about ‘God’, does the term apply to that which is […]