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Michael Casey on “Fully Human, Fully Divine”

Below is an interview of Fr. Casey January, 2010 where Fr. Casey shares his thoughts on what he calls his best book.  Admittedly this is the most difficult of Fr. Casey’s books but well worth the effort. Fully Human, Fully Divine, which I think is my best book, is really just closely tied to the […]


The Virtue of Obedience

They said that Abba Sylvanus had a  disciple in Scetis,  named Mark, who possessed in great measure the virtue of obedience. He was a copyist of old manuscripts, and the old man loved him for his obedience. He had eleven other disciples who were aggrieved that he loved more than them. When the old men […]


Because of his Obedience

It was said of Abba Silvanus that at Scetis he had a disciple called Mark whose obedience was great. He was a scribe. The old man loved him because of his obedience. He had eleven other disciples who were hurt because he loved him more than them. When they knew this, the elders were sorry […]


His healing touch brings back those who have been ostracized

In ancient times, leprosy was a fearsome disease, highly contagious, and fatal. Still, there were a good many other diseases, even more fatal, more common, and more contagious than leprosy-tuberculosis, smallpox, etc. But people who suffered from these were not made to cover their faces, wear a bell, leave the camp, and warn away anyone […]