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Origins of Halloween

We’ve all heard the allegations. Halloween is a pagan rite dating back to some pre-Christian festival among the Celtic Druids that escaped Church suppression. Even today modern pagans and witches continue to celebrate this ancient festival. If you let your kids go trick-or-treating, they will be worshiping the devil and pagan gods. Nothing could be […]


Psalm 62(61): In God alone be at rest!

1. The gentle words of Psalm 62[61] have just resounded; it is a hymn of trust that opens with what appears to be an antiphon, repeated halfway through the text. It is like a peaceful and strong ejaculatory prayer, an invocation that also becomes a programme of life: “In God alone is my soul at […]


All Hallow’s Eve Treat

Trick or Treat! Walt Disney’s original Fantasia was a classic mixture of classical music and animation. A bit dated by today’s standards it is still a beautiful use of the technology of the time. Children and adults are still fascinated by the movie. “Uncle Walt,” as so many of us knew him, was proud of […]


St. Bruno: Found of the Carthusian Order

Denver, Colo., Sep 30, 2012 / 07:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Oct. 6, the Catholic Church commemorates Saint Bruno of Cologne, founder of the Carthusian order of monks who remain notable for their strictly traditional and austere rule of contemplative life. Born in 1030, Bruno is said to have belonged to a prominent family in […]


Two monks, each 105 years old, die on the same day, July 29, 2012

One an Athonite, the other a Trappist… born on opposite sides of the world, in 1907… die on the same day.  The Athonite, Fr. John of Hilandari. Today, Sunday 29 July 2012, the oldest living monk on Mount Athos reposed in the Lord. Fr. John of Hilandari was 105 years old. He lived at the […]