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The Visions, Miracles and Devotion of St. Lutgarde

Time has not been gentle to Thomas of Cantimpré, the thirteenth-century Dominican theologian, preacher, and compiler of notes about saints. In 1892, the scholar who wrote the first major study of the medieval mystics of the Netherlands sadly admitted that his source was not reliable: “his atmosphere is the marvelous.” Butler’s Lives of the Saints worried […]


Holy Fear

Catholic Exchange. April 18, 2015: We find in the writings of the great mystics, especially of those who have been recognized as “Doctor of the Church,” a certain unanimous consent concerning the importance of holy fear if we are to grow in our life of prayer. They have a sense that it is a fearful […]


The Ten Commandments For Would-Be Desert Mystics

Like You and Me: Thou shalt have no other God than God, and shall not make a God of thine own holiness or thy desert search for it. Thou shalt recognize that thou art a sinner and that thou shalt take the heat for it thyself. Thou shalt know that silence is golden. Thou shalt […]