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We are all called to carry and pass on the flame

Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple This then is the message which we have heard from Him and declare unto you: that God is light,  and in Him is no darkness at all.—1 John 1:5 This morning as I was going into our church for Vigils (our 4 AM Divine Office) the church was aglow […]


Feast of the Presentation

Today’s Feast, which marks the end of the Christmas season [in the old liturgical calendar], is a feast both of Jesus and of Mary: of Jesus, because He is presented by His Mother in the Temple forty days after His birth, according to the requirements of the law; of Mary, because she submits herself to […]


We must be willing to do more than expected

[Neither] the Virgin Mother nor Our Lord was obliged by the laws to which they submitted forty days after the birth of Jesus. But if they exempted themselves, they would give bad example to others who would not understand their reasons, and perhaps their action would be the occasion to others of disobeying laws by […]