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A Very Curious Legend of St Raphael

The revised version of Butler’s Lives of the Saints, in the notes to the entry for the feast of St Raphael the Archangel, says that “In the Ethiopic Synaxarium… is a curious account of the dedication of a church to St Raphael in an island off Alexandria early in the fifth century.” A reference is […]


Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

What is an archangel? The word “archangel” (Greek, archangelos) means “high-ranking angel”—the same way that “archbishop” means a high-ranking bishop. Only St. Michael is described as an archangel in Scripture (Jude 9), but it is common to honor St.s Gabriel and Raphael as archangels also. Why are they called “saints” if they’re angels rather than […]


Archangel St. Raphael: Our Joyful Angelic Friend

Note: Raphael makes his appearance in the Book of Tobit. To fully appreciate his role, take a few minutes and read the this short chapter in the Bible or read Fr. Brooms’ article. Travelers. He led young Tobit safely to the home of his future bride and spouse Sara. May Raphael accompany us and save […]


Healing the blindness through the message of faith and the witness of love

St Raphael is presented to us, above all in the Book of Tobit, as the Angel to whom is entrusted the task of healing. When Jesus sends his disciples out on a mission, the task of proclaiming the Gospel is always linked with that of healing. The Good Samaritan, in accepting and healing the injured […]