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Silence and Listening

Some brothers were coming from Scetis to see Abba Antony. When they were getting into a boat to go there, they found an old man who also wanted to cross. The brothers did not know him. They sat in the boat, occupied by turns with the words of the Fathers, Scripture and their manual work. […]


How are we to judge?

It was told of a brother who came to see Abba Arsenius at Scetis that, when he came to the church, he asked the clergy if he could visit Abba Arsenius. They said to him, ‘Brother, have a little refreshment and then go and see him.’ ‘I shall not eat anything,’ said he, ’till I […]



Once three brothers came to visit an old man in Scetis and one of them said to him, “Abba, I have committed to memory the Old and New Testaments.” And the old man answered, “You have filled the air with words.” The second one said to him, “I have written out the Old and New […]


The Virtue of Obedience

They said that Abba Sylvanus had a  disciple in Scetis,  named Mark, who possessed in great measure the virtue of obedience. He was a copyist of old manuscripts, and the old man loved him for his obedience. He had eleven other disciples who were aggrieved that he loved more than them. When the old men […]


Good and Evil

One day Abba Macarius the Egyptian went up from Scetis to the mountain of Nitria. As he approached the place he told his dis­ciple to go on ahead. When the latter had gone on ahead, he met a priest of the pagans. The brother shouted after him, saying, ‘Oh, oh, devil, where are you off […]