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Stabit Mater: Latin and English

STABAT Mater dolorosa iuxta Crucem lacrimosa, dum pendebat Filius. AT, the Cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last. Cuius animam gementem, contristatam et dolentem pertransivit gladius. Through her heart, His sorrow sharing, all His bitter anguish bearing, now at length the sword has passed. O quam tristis […]


Stabat Mater

The Virgin Mary, who believed in the word of the Lord, did not lose her faith in God when she saw her Son rejected, abused and crucified. Rather she remained beside Jesus, suffering and praying, until the end. And she saw the radiant dawn of His Resurrection. Let us learn from her to witness to […]


Stabat Mater dolorosa

At the cross her station keeping, Mary stood in sorrow weeping When her Son was crucified. While she waited in her anguish, Seeing Christ in torment languish, Bitter sorrow pierced her heart. With what pain and desolation, With what noble resignation, Mary watched her dying Son. Ever-patient in her yearning Though her tear-filled eyes were […]