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Early Experiences

Growing up in a big family has its ups and down, but overall I have no regrets about having so many brothers and sisters. Like most people I have had some early experiences that have made me deal with their outcome on my psyche, but in the end I can see, that over all it […]


In prison or out, the struggle the same

What I have learned from writing prisoners No matter where we find ourselves we still have struggles and are in many ways imprisoned by fear and habits that keep us chained from the freedom of the children of God. In writing prisoners I am learning that as far as their everyday struggles are concerned, and […]


One man’s struggle

I have a friend who has a lot to carry. He is bi-polar and has others ‘issues’ that could cause his life to be very chaotic. I met him 20 years ago when he started his journey of healing and was impressed by his courage and his ability to express himself. Over the years he […]


A woman who shone more than she knew

One way that many people deal with their interior life is to try to repress all that would allow growth in self knowledge. The problem with this is that it takes a great deal of energy to do so and can in fact lead to depression, or being compulsively busy. It takes a lot of […]


The struggle

I suppose one of my greatest struggles is to free myself from what others think or feel about me. This has been something that I have worked with from childhood and am not sure actually how much progress I have made in this matter. Like most people, I would like to be understood, my intentions […]