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Mary’s Friendship in Monastic Life

The friendship of Mary is probably most often experienced in monastic life as the presence and action of a unique companion. A friend is one who sticks with you in joy and sorrow, in success and failure. When all others depart, your friend remains. Just so with Mary. She is present at a moment’s notice, […]


Saint Cyril of Alexandria’s Defense of Mary

Saint Cyril of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria during the early part of the 5th century and a key figure in the Christological controversies of his time. His debate with the heretic Nestorius was the impetus for the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD where the Church officially adopted the long held understanding that […]


Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

That anyone could doubt the right of the holy Virgin to be called the Mother of God fills me with astonishment. Surely she must be the Mother of God if our Lord Jesus Christ is God, and she gave birth to him! Our Lord’s disciples may not have used those exact words, but they delivered […]


Mary, Star of the Sea and Mother of God

Mary . . . is interpreted to mean ‘Star of the Sea.’ This admirably befits the Virgin Mother. There is indeed a wonderful appropriateness in this comparison of her with a star, because as a star sends out its rays without harm to itself, so did the Virgin bring forth her Child without injury to […]