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All places

Is one moment better than another, another place holier than the one I am in, is there one occupation where God is found, or there others less so; this day, that place, are there some where God is more present, others where he is not? We need perhaps places that are holy, yet for God […]


Mary was created only for God

21. Let us not imagine, then, as some misguided teachers do, that Mary being simply a creature would be a hindrance to union with the Creator. Far from it, for it is no longer Mary who lives but Jesus Christ himself, God alone, who lives in her. Her transformation into God far surpasses that experienced […]


Our real enemy is within our own castle

Often in the course of the liturgical year the Church complains, in our behalf, that we are pressed down under the burden of our own human activity. That seems strange! To be free to do things in our own way would appear, at first sight, to be “the liberty of the sons of God.” But […]



Until we have loved and until we have suffered, we all try to figure out life and death with our little monkey minds. But afterwards a Larger Source often opens up within us and we “think” and feel quite differently: “until knowing the love which is beyond all knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19), as Paul says. Thus […]