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Are We Praying to Avert Catastrophe or Just Waiting for It?

All prophecies — at least, the vast majority — are conditional. Perhaps one can say: all prophecies since the New Testament. For prophesied events change, it seems — or can change — because conditions change. They are fluid situations. Note some major apparitions of the Blessed Mother and her qualifications: — at Fatima: “If what […]


Hook in me

Emotions flow of their own accord often times my mind plays it’s own tapes, movies, reruns seen often, all I have to do is sit back and observe, the length of their life depending on how the observer reacts, calmly allowing things to proceed, or being absorbed by the inner play, which allows the story […]


Life is a Dark Warehouse

God does not hide things from you. He hides things for you. When you die, you’ll encounter a “warehouse” full of his surprises. Gifts. He has secrets for you. Surprises. Death is a surprise party, if we’re sanctified, if we’re prepared for it, if we have the purity of love. Right now, you are wandering, […]


Heaven will be worth it all

. . .when it seemed that wickedness had triumphed and virtue had gone down in defeat, came the sudden and ever-glorious victory in the resurrection to immortality and fadeless life and glory, to be followed shortly by the triumphal return to the heavenly kingdom and the prepared and awaiting regal seat at the right hand […]



Waiting can be a frustrating process, for it is often mixed with both anticipation and the knowledge of how little control we have in its fulfillment. There is a point in which there is only emptiness, boredom and a feeling of being constrained, when what we desire is withheld from us. We can distract ourselves, […]