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The role of wine in Scripture and health

Have you ever wondered about the emphasis in our faith — including during Mass — on wine? We’re not talking about overdoing it. We’re talking about the role it has played from the first miracle of Jesus (at the behest of the Blessed Mother) to the Last Supper. And before: It goes back at least […]


From the Life of St. Benedict

When this great temptation was thus overcome, the man of God, like to a piece of ground well tilled and weeded, of the seed of virtue brought forth plentiful store of fruit: and by reason of the great report of his wonderful holy life, his name became very famous. Not far from the place where […]


Everything flows into the will of God

As a drop of water seems to disappear completely in a big quantity of wine, even assuming the wine’s taste and color; just as red, molten iron becomes so much like fire it seems to lose its primary state; just as the air on a sunny day seems transformed into sunshine instead of being lit […]