Oblate Program at Belmont Abbey, NC

Guidelines for Oblates

Table of Contents


1. Oblates Strive to Be Loyal and Active Members of Christ and His Church
2. Oblates Strive for Their Own Continued Christian Renewal and Improvement
3. Oblates Strive to Be Men and Women of Practical Spirituality
4. Oblates Strive to Be Men and Women of Prayer
5. Oblates Strive to Be Men and Women of Christian Virtue
6. Oblates Foster a Spirit of Community
7. Oblates Are Men and Women of Peace


lghtbendict_webIn June, 1971, a group of Directors of Oblates came together at St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle, Illinois, to consider how Benedictine Oblates might best be served in the light of Vatican II. One year later a second meeting was held, this time at St. Mary's Abbey, Morristown, New Jersey, to review papers that had been written in the interim and to exchange ideas pertinent to Benedictine Oblates.

The second meeting resulted in a document of Guidelines for Oblates of St. Benedict, and this document has since been generally endorsed by a considerable number of Directors of Oblates in North America. It is intended to serve as both Constitution and Guidelines for the spiritual life of Oblates, and it is hoped that its availability will assist all Directors of Oblates in their efforts to interest men and women who, while retaining their position in the world, wish somehow to identify with a given Benedictine monastery or convent.

I am grateful to those Directors of Oblates who have given of their time and effort to make this document a reality and I join my prayers to theirs that the days and years ahead will see ever increasing numbers affiliated with our Benedictine houses as Oblates of St. Benedict.

Saint Mary's Abbey
Morristown, New Jersey
October 1, 1973

Martin J. Burne, O.S.B.
American Cassinese Federation


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  1. Very well written. Covers most all questions Novices and Oblates might offer. Clearly states our responsibilities as Oblates to our Abbot, community, each other and the world. Thank you for adding this to our website: much needed and hopefully will give us good direction!


  2. "Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian men and women admitted into spiritual union and affiliation with a Benedictine community of monks or nuns, so that they may share in the spiritual life, prayers, and good works of the community"

    The above section of the Guidelines is the central and essential part of oblate life for me -- how being an oblate must be about the "journey to dwell with God."

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